Padel Benfica - Play in the Nature
The sequence of scoring points is:


  • 1st point  –  15
  • 2nd point  –  30
  • 3rd point  –  40
  • 4th point  –  Game

Except that if each player reaches 40-40, the score is “deuce”.  The next point won by the side, is scored “advantage” for that side.  If the same side wins the next point, that side wins the game.  If that side loses the point, the score returns to “deuce”.  Play continues unti one side wins the game.  If at any time a side has no points, the score is “love”.

The server’s score is called first, then the receiver’s score.  A set may consist of one in which the first player to win 6 games or the first player to win 8 games wins the set, providing he/she has at least a 2-game margin.  If a 2-game margin does not exist, the set may be played to conclusion or the tiebreaker procedure may be used at either 6-all or 8-all.

All Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Tournaments sets are 8-game pro sets. (1 set only! Not 2 out of 3).