O serviço

Padel Benfica - Play in the Nature


One player serves an entire game, alternating from right to left, beginning with the right.  Players alternate serving games until the set ends.


If one player serves the first game, his partner will serve the third, alternating on the “odd” games.  The player on the opposing team will serve the second game, his partner the fourth, alternating on “even” games.


Only one serve is allowed.  The server shall stand behind the baseline and within the imaginary extensions of the center and sidelines.  The server shall then project the ball by hand into the air and strike it with the paddle at a point not higher than 31″ above the court surface at the instant of impact; or, the server may bounce or drop the ball to the court surface behind the baseline and strike it with the paddle upon its rebound at a point not higher than 31″ above the court surface.  Delivery shall be deemed complete at the instant of impact of paddle and ball.

The server may choose either method of serving, that is, bouncing the ball or projecting it into the air before striking it with the paddle.  However, whichever alternative he chooses, he must continue to serve in that manner for the entire set.  In other words, he cannot switch from a bounce serve to the projecting serve at will; although he may change his anner of serving at th commencement of a new set.

The serve must land within the service area on the receiver’s side diagonally from where the server stands.  If the serve fails to land within said area or if the server strikes a ball higher than 31″ above the court surface at the instant of impact the serve is a fault and the server loses the point.

Special Singles Rule (In singles play only)

Each side must alow the ball to bounce (including the service) before being permitted to volley for the first time.  In other words, no serve followed by a volley.

Special Doubles Rule (In doubles play only where Restraint “Bucket” Rule is authorized)

Both feet of all four players must be behind the restraint line until after the receiver’s paddle hits the ball on service return.  Any part of the foot violating this rule will result in a “bucket” call and the awarding of the point to the other team.  If both sides “bucket” the point will be replayed.  This “bucket” restriction ends for all four players at the moment the ball is struck by the service receiver’s paddle, or when the service receiver crosses the restraint line to return a short service, should this occur before the receiver actually hits the ball.

“Bucket” Rule is always in effect during Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Tournaments.